Hatch: Blood Sweat & Tears

Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester
Lancaster Road, Leicester, LE1 7HA

Sunday 11 October 2015
5pm – late

Hatch – the East Midlands’ premier roving performance platform – continue their collaboration with Attenborough Arts Centre for Hatch: Blood, Sweat and Tears, bringing together a special selection of the most exciting artists and performers from Leicester, the East Midlands, and across the country.

From brand new works in progress to barnstorming contemporary masterpieces, this is performance that comes at you with an open heart and moves you right out of your seat. Endurance, struggle, joy, sorrow, life and death are all up for grabs in an unmissable, unforgettable evening of live events.

TinCanPeople 1120


Mr and Mrs Theatre Company - Good Mourning
Verbatim and autobiographical stories from the heart that we’re not very good at sharing – or listening to.

Nathan Birkinshaw - Munchausen’s by Proxy Server
A coming of age story for a hyper-connected world where it’s not the size that matters, but what you do.

enCompass Collective - Dance and Disorderly
Emotional, physical and visual impairment to be experienced by your sober senses.

Yu He Lin - Cuddle
The body is sacred, our bodies are our own shrines. With good intention, we can all bless each other.

Ollie Smith (LaPelle’s Factory) - Lifer
A naked fiction with language centre stage – and an homage to the great existentialist cries in the night.

Tin Can People - Remember Me
Rock & Roll will never die and we will be remembered.

Michael Pinchbeck - The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment
With guest performers Jack A G BrittonLewys Holt, and Priya Mistry.
The T in T minus stands for Test. This is a Test. Take a leap of faith and head into the unknown.


More information about getting to Attenborough Arts Centre is available here. Entry to everything is free but some performances have limited availability. It’s the final Hatch event of 2015 (and possibly forever…) and it would be fantastic to see you there.