Ellie Stamp - Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Hatch: Exchange workshops

As part of Hatch: Exchange on Saturday 11 October there’s a series of free workshops suitable for performers and students run by practitioners to share ideas


Ellie Stamp – 12:30pm – 1:30pm

This workshop will share some of Ellie Stamp’s participatory practice and devising techniques with a group of 10 participants. Working with varied stimulus, movement and moments of playful exchange will be created individually, in groups and as an ensemble. This workshop is open to practitioners of all backgrounds and is suited to those interested devising work and participatory practice.


Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari – 2pm-3.30pm

‘Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari are compelling artists at the centre of an important movement that dismisses divisions between visual art, live art and theatre. Their practice is restless and probing, with a wit, intellegence and imagination that makes it sustain’
Tim Crouch

Join Louise and Nigel for a masterclass.


2Magpies Theatre – 3.30-6.30 (in ten minute slots)

A one to one workshop scenario in ten minute slots. 2 static bikes, one performer, one participant. 2 Magpies Theatre are currently working on their exciting new show ‘Ventoux’. Join them to explore in what ways audiences could be involved in the show (in a not too strenuous way).

‘The Ventoux is a God of Evil, to which sacrifices must be made.’ Roland Barthes Mont Ventoux is a cycling climb so steep that it is beyond categorisation, terrifying both philosophers and cyclists. Its mystical landscape claims lives and breaks mental spirit. It is also the scene of the greatest ever stage of the Tour de France between Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani in 2000.


Rachael Young – 5:15pm – 7:15pm

Rachael is in the process of starting to make a new show Barry Will You Marry Me (working title) and this workshop will explore that process. The show will investigate our relationships with ourselves and moreover if given the choice would we join ourselves in holy matrimony?
In the first instance Rachael is to explore the human fascination with self-sabotage, our need to connect with and listen to the negative voice in our head, the fear that fills us with self-doubt. Rachael has affectionately named her doubt Barry.
‘I want to use the workshop to explore that doubt that lives inside all of us, to confront all the bits that make us who we are, the good, the bad and the nasty to help us to reconnect with who we really are.’
To book for these workshops please e-mail hatch@hatchnottingham.org.uk to guarantee a place.
See you there!